This year, my Uncle Neal passed away. I was close with him, even when we were far away. Ironically or not, I feel even closer to him now. If there were a person created before me, where I could see where I got a lot of my characteristics, outside of my parents. It was Neal. We were kindred spirits of sorts. A lot alike. I enjoyed him, especially as an adult.
The night he passed, I felt this bravery I had not felt before.
I was standing on the porch at my parent’s house and I thought, I am going to write this book. And I have no fear about it anymore. I’m doing it. Hence why the book is dedicated to him.

Watch for more about Neal and who he was, on this blog. I plan to share the stories & pictures of all of my loved ones who’ve gone on to what’s next.  I invite you to do the same by clicking on “Stories Shared”. I would love to share their story and photo here in honor of their life.

I love you Neal. Thank you.