“What’s Next” is a big hug in a book and an awesome journey, for everyone who’s lost someone they loved.

Jamie DeKelaita

The Author

Jamie DeKelaita is a Mom of 2, a former Broadcaster and Journalist. What Jamie is in her core, is a spiritual soul with a great belief in something amazing, something greater. Since she was a little girl, there were some things she “just knew”. When 4 of her family’s loved ones passed away this year, as well as an adored family friend, it was that knowing she took great comfort in, one she now shared with her daughters. One of those loved ones was her Uncle Neal, a kindred spirit of hers.

“Losing someone when my eldest daughter was at the age where she has all of the questions, while going through the grief myself, I used my words and what I know to help. I found over and over again, it not only comforted her, but me, and I wanted that for everyone. That’s when I sat down and wrote the book, everyone deserves to have that peace, that love, that comfort, that hope”


It’s a book not just for kids, but for people of all ages. It will bring peace and tranquility to your life.

Jim Sisson
A heartwarming and hopeful explanation of death and afterlife written in an engaging, relate able and child friendly format. This Author’s sensitive voice, insightful understanding, and peaceful portrayal of crossing over, will comfort and reassure children grappling with questions related to death and dying.
Susan Pieters
What’s Next is a book that makes you feel warmth and comfort with the part of life we have no control over. Finding ways to cope with the passing of loved ones of all kinds that are no longer with you in the physical but always with you in spirit and in your heart. That’s what this book reminds you to do in an innate, crisp, organic, and harmonious way that leaves you feeling at peace with the world and all that comes with it.
A bright look at fulfilling ones’ life here and beyond. Truly uplifting.
Lynn Sisson
This book made me feel as if I was the book. You’d want to read it because it reminds you that you always have your angels and Heaven is real. There are lots of nice colors, and my favorite picture is all of them, so you’d want to read it.
Alivia, age 7 1/2
Through thick and thin, her words have more often than not energized light bulbs of self reflection within myself. She has now authored a book about losing a loved one and the path to peaceful acceptance of what many struggle to find. If you find yourself trapped in your own darkness after a death, I have complete confidence her words will help. ‘What’s Next’ was written by a mom for a child, but when it comes to death we all become a vulnerable child desperately seeking comfort. Find it within the pages of Jamie’s book.
David Custer