See those two little girls up there? I stopped everything to have them and raise them. They mean everything to me.

It was not easy to give up a career, but when I decided to have kids, it was my decision that they are my full time job. This would be the hardest job I have ever done, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone who had a job that has been nationally ranked as one of the most stressful, in a business nationally ranked as the hardest in many ways.

It is the hardest job I’ve ever done because I have never cared about anything more than these two little human beings, and how the job I do, will shape their lives.

I still found myself really having trouble with one little piece. That piece of me that is me. The one that was there when my Mom had me, and there before I had my girls. The piece of me that was creative, adrenaline driven, a deep thinker.

As the years went by being at home, that piece was not going to just sit there anymore. It needed to be heard. It needed something. And I knew if I was going to be all of me for my girls, that piece needed to be listened to.

In the midst of this personal revolution, my Uncle Neal had a massive stroke. The night he passed away was when that voice was loud and clear. Write this book. Share it. Find a way. No excuses. And I had plenty of reasons why I “couldn’t” debt, and how on earth do I get a book published? And I don’t have one minute to myself, how would I be able to do anything more?

But in this moment and from that moment on, there would be none of that. I would just find a way!

And I did. I believe in it with all of my heart and soul, and it’s in every page, every detail.

And trust me, during this process, I needed to. There were tears, frustration, times I wanted to quit, times it would’ve been easier to quit and resume the way my life was before I started. But I knew, I knew I had to do it. It was meant to be.

When I handed those two little girls up there, the first 2 copies, and watched them sit and excitedly read it, with my eldest daughter’s face beaming with pride, knowing what it meant where it said “Author” and her Momma’s name by it, I’m so glad I listened to that voice.

I love this picture for many reasons, the biggest reason being that these two are my heart outside my body. I love them with everything I am, and all I’ll ever be.

I love it because it is symbolic of much deeper meaning. Grace is laughing like I do with her head thrown back, pure unwavering joy.

Alivia’s sweet, compassionate personality shows through, pure unwavering sweetness.

That is life at its best, this is life at its best.

Knowing it was taken the day we did photos for this book, and that I was fulfilling my personal purpose, that’s also life at its best.

Knowing how many people this can help, and will help feel a remarkable sense of comfort, peace, and joy..that I can pass that love on for a long time…I feel that’s my greatest purpose next to these two.

The best things, are often the hardest, and that’s what makes them the BEST.

With lots of Love,