What’s Next


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“What’s Next” is an all encompassing, spiritually inclusive, comfort to all people, of all ages.

It’s a warm embrace to the mind, body, and soul at a time when you need it most.

8 1/2 x 11, Full color, gloss-laminated hardcover; with 32 interior full color gloss pages, side sewn in.

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Appealing to both the need for understanding grief, as well as the desire to keep our close connections with loved ones.

“What’s Next” enlightens and reminds, that there is something greater. Yet also fills us with peace, gratitude, and an excitement for the life we have here.

Order for yourself, and give the gift of comfort to someone you love.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in

6 reviews for What’s Next

  1. Dawn Nowicki

    I love how colorful and inviting this book is for children. Jamie’s poetry is magnificent and gives a child hope during their time of grieving. The pictures draw you in and give the child a vision of what Heaven might be like.

  2. Susan Pieters

    A heartwarming and hopeful explanation of death and afterlife written in an engaging, relate able and child friendly format. This Author’s sensitive voice, insightful understanding, and peaceful portrayal of crossing over, will comfort and reassure children grappling with questions related to death and dying.

  3. David Custer (verified owner)

    Sometimes we encounter a rare person whose words feed and nourish our soul. This person will compassionately listen to what ails you and unknowingly teach you to live a life filled with continuously discovering your best self. That person found this refugee craving purpose several years ago. Through thick and thin, her words have more often than not energized light bulbs of self reflection within myself. She has now authored a book about losing a loved one and the path to peaceful acceptance of what many struggle to find. If you find yourself trapped in your own darkness after a death, I have complete confidence her words will help. ‘What’s Next’ was written by a mom for a child, but when it comes to death we all become a vulnerable child desperately seeking comfort. Find it within the pages of Jamie’s book.

  4. Marilyn Zeneberg (verified owner)

    I got my book today Jamie. I’ve read it twice already because I was afraid I missed something between my tears of relating and holding on to my treasured memories. When I get up the nerve to write you of all the pain and loss of many, many family and friends that I have lost you will truly understand how much your book is spot on and how you make a loss bright and beautiful by our belief in heaven and those that look down while we look up.

  5. Sarah Adams (verified owner)

    Just read the book with my coffee! JAMIE!!!!! What a beautiful tribute to those we have lost!!!!!!! I love it!!!
    I really, really, really needed this today…I’ve been struggling with missing my dad this week in particular so this was perfect Divine timing!!! <3 THANK YOU!

  6. Stacey Rabe (verified owner)

    For those that don’t know my good friend from high school Jamie Sisson DeKelaita published a children’s book to help children understand what happens when you lose a loved one. Her book release came out at the time I lost my own grandfather and on her website I posted about him and how the event of her book release came at a time when my family was hurting. If you get a chance and have children that may need to understand check out her book. This book will always mean so much to me and my family and is a beautiful tribute to her own uncle she lost.

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