Uncle Billy was actually my Dad’s Uncle, making him my Great Uncle, but we all called him Uncle Billy. Even all of his great great nieces and nephews called him Uncle Billy (these are just some of them pictured here).

He was one of those people you just loved to be around. He was smart, great sense of humor and loved an adventure. Fun to be around.

You know those ages where you aren’t paying attention or excited to be around anyone but your peers? I still loved to be around Uncle Billy.

He was married to a wonderful woman, my Aunt Core.  I loved that lady, so true to herself and fun and funny. Very sweet. They made a great pair.

Uncle Billy had bad eyesite toward the end, his one eye didn’t work at all I’m pretty sure little vision in his other, and could see only blurs.

The last time I saw him he had come to my parent’s cottage for his annual visit from Florida. Aunt Core had passed away years ago.

He got up at dawn and was sitting out on the swing on the deck. I think Alivia was 2 or 3? We were still sleeping and had not heard her get out of bed. It was very unlike her not to wake us.

When I woke up that morning and saw her gone I ran out to the front and saw them swinging together on the porch. He told me he had heard the door open but couldn’t see who it was. Then he saw a little blur of brown hair heading toward the water. He then knew it was Alivia, and called for her to come back toward him.

To think of what could’ve happened if he hadn’t spotted her, and here he was nearly blind.

Like an angel on earth.

That’s how they wound up there together on that swing.

On the day of his funeral it was some of the worst road conditions I’d ever seen.

I was driving, cars were flying off the road everywhere, out of no where, ice swept our tires and there was nothing I could do, not even maintain control of the car… with virtually my whole family in it.

Then just like that, the car went back in control and we were safe. I know it was him, except this time being the angel from Heaven.

What a great man.

I still miss him and feel like he’s around. I liked that man, and I still do.

I’d like to invite my family members to please share more about the life he lived, I know he did some really cool things ❤️