This is my Superhero. This is a SuperGuy. Many people know him as Supercarguy… because he built successful businesses selling cars, and employing hundreds of people, and families, over 4 decades.

I’m writing this special post about a person who is with us. I’m writing this special post because I believe in the power of prayers, and hope, and love, and vibes, and whatever word you use for really putting your support, hopes, and good thoughts for someone into the universe to help them heal.

About a month ago they found a tumor in my Dad’s lung. It is cancer. He will begin chemotherapy this week, for the next 5 months. He may then need radiation. The hope is to shrink it enough to be able to remove it surgically after that.

He faces the greatest battle so many loved people face. And I’m asking for all you’ve got to put out there to help him battle and defeat it.

He is my everything. That whole “he is my rock” saying…that doesn’t come close to what my Dad is to me, to our family, to anyone who’s been blessed enough to have a part of who he is.

He has saved my life, more than once. Emotionally, mentally, heart-wise, strength-wise, life-wise, love-wise.

He is the reason for so many of the good things in me. Not only because I’m part him, but because of his never ending example as a truly GOOD human being.

I want him to know all of this. I don’t know if words can ever really express it all, Lord knows I’ve told him in person, and in cards which I would get teased for due to their “lengthly sentiment” 🙂 …but I want everyone to it know too.

He believes in second chances… even thirds, fourths. He believes in optimism. He believes in doing the right thing, no matter what. He believes in people, no matter what. He believes in doing what you should do, what you have to do, and getting it done.

In college when I was struggling with the drive to do all the work and finish, it was always “Just put your nose to the grindstone kid and keep at it”. I did. It worked. And that saying has gone through my head during everything I’ve ever pushed through, finished, and accomplished.

Dad, I know you’re going to put your nose to the grindstone and keep at it. And you’re better at it than anyone I’ve ever known.

Once again in life…. you are showing us how to be, in an incredibly hard scenario. Just by being you.

Your optimism, your perspective, your strength and your “plugging along”, has not just carried us, but shown us the way to be, and the way to deal, while you head into battle.

You are a true leader through and through. And you are a REAL Superhero.

You are my Hero.

So I ask you now my friends, readers, viewers, to throw into the universe, all the love. Prayers work. Words work. Every Superhero needs some sidekicks. 😉

Much Love to you all,


I love you Dad

Also, don’t chew gum in wedding photos like I did. That’s not a tooth. (you know I had to make you laugh somewhere)