Regina DeKelaita

I miss her. I miss how much she cared. As far as us nephews and nieces are concerned, I don’t think any of us really know just how much she cared for us and loved us. Regina DeKelaita dedicated her life to her family by every definition possible, for many years. She was my Aunt, my Dad’s youngest sister, the youngest of 6 kids.

A strong, smart, caring, and independent woman. I remember when we all drove cross-country when I was younger. My Uncle and my Dad were rotating as drivers in the van, while Aunt Regina (Ijjy as we called her) was driving her Cavalier with her cousins. We went day and night, from Chicago, to Dallas and eventually back, and she never showed any signs of tiring. Boastfully stating throughout the drive, cigarette in hand.. “Look at me, the lady going the whole way, while these men keep having to stop.” She took a lot of pride in her independence.

She cared so much about her family and even extended family too. She never missed an opportunity to know what the latest was on all of us. Even as adults, she knew all of our kids; their names; their mannerisms, everything. I’ll miss going to see her and hugging her hello and even goodbye. She genuinely gave her love and care with each hug and kiss. When the family would meet at her apartment throughout the years, it was an event every time. I miss her and think of her often, and I take solace and comfort in having her in my memories and remembering how much she loved us.

-Alan DeKelaita