With a special friend’s permission, I had to share this message with you. It is exactly why I wrote this book…

“I got my book today Jamie. I’ve read it twice already because I was afraid I missed something between my tears of relating and holding on to my treasured memories💗. God bless you for being so determined to make your dream into a reality. So proud of you.”

Then she read it to her grandson…

“He’s 5 and he told me that Angels are a good thing cause they take the spirits out of the bodies from the people in the coffins up to heaven to God. 👶. Out of the mouth of babes. You would love this little guy. 💖.”

I know I would Marilyn. 🙂

Finally this… be still my heart, when someone tells you, you were able to do for them, exactly what you set out to do….

“When I get up the nerve to write you of all the pain and loss of many, many family and friends that I have lost you will truly understand how much your book is spot on and how you make a loss bright and beautiful 💖 by our belief in heaven and those that look down while we look up.”

Thank you Marilyn Zeneberg. I feel so lucky to know someone as special as you.