Yesterday my first baby turned 14!

We had a slumber party for her 2 weeks ago so she and her friends could swim in the pool before we closed it for the season. I’m so glad we did it then because I have been sick since last Thursday and it’s awful! I seem to get this every year around this time, Facebook memories reminds me of it.

I’ll see that status that says “I feel like crap” and I’ll remember, like clockwork, every year around this time it hits. That blowtorch to the throat and sinuses feeling is how it begins and then you’re pretty sure you’re gonna die, and then you feel better about 3 days in but by better it just means you know you’re still alive and then it takes about 2 weeks to clear. Despite my best efforts of lipid form vitamin C and GOOP immunity boosting chews, and even airborne chew things. ¬†At one point I thought maybe I was OD’ing on the vitamins and that was making me feel awful, but that didn’t prove to be true.

So yesterday she was quite content with getting all the bday wishes on her phone and we gave her presents in the evening.

I cannot believe she is 14 and yet I can. Being a Mom to babies feels like a whole lifetime ago. Today I’m pretty spent and it’s a dreary day and I don’t have the thoughts flowing through me like I do so many other days, but I said I’d show up so I’m here.

I wanted to officially wish her a Happy Birthday here, and tell her again how much I love her and how much she means to me. I couldn’t have been blessed with a better first child. She is the best big sister. She is wise beyond her years and so fun, and so funny, and so incredibly smart.


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My husband proposed to me with a ring called the rollercoaster (the style of it) because I am one. Today feels like the part where you’re slowly pulling up at the end to unbuckle, but trust, just like the ride, there will be all sorts of fun too!

I hope you’re having a good day, and if you’re like me and have trouble with the days where it feels a little dull, be ok with it. We need those moments too.

With Love,