1. Hi Guys! It’s been awhile!
    We’re still here, we’re still selling! We were thankful not to have any orders during lockdown, because of the uncertainty of EVERYTHING. That was a tough moment because we were quarantined and safe and I knew the orders would be, but going into the post office felt quite scary at the time.
    We’re back up and running, rest assured your book will come safely.
    I wanted to say hello 👋🏻 because I had originally intended this blog section to be about loved ones we’ve lost. I found many people underestimate their ability to write. It makes them nervous, they can’t put it into words, I get it. That’s why I too have not hopped on to drop a note, true story, you can even be a great writer and feel like you’re not.
    So I welcome you to share your stories and remind you that people love to read them. There’s no right way to tell a story about someone you loved. It’s ALL right.
    True story here… I was a News Anchor, it was my first job out of college, and my dream job (being on tv, I’ve since realized my dream job combines tv and helping people).  Anyway, it was a small station in Northern Michigan but had a good large reach for an audience. I was told around 30,000 people watched me each night. I never thought of that for my own sake. I talked into a camera and imagined that was all. Alone with my trusty cameraman Dave in the studio.
    That year we had a surprise birthday party for my Grandma Margaret Sisson (featured in one of my blogs here).
    There were about 30 people in the room and my Aunt walks up to me, impromptu, hands me a live microphone and says “Give a speech.”
    I began shaking, turned beet red, covered the mic and begged her to do it instead. I told her “I’m really  shy in these scenarios” she laughed and said “You’re on tv! How could this possibly scare you!?” And of course now the room was silent and everyone had heard it all. Most laughed. 🤦🏼‍♀️So I took that mic into my shaky hands and said something nice which I’m sure made no sense, and was really awkward, and I don’t remember it at all.
    The point is, we all have different comfort levels, and we can all be good at whatever we want. You are a good writer whether you feel it or not. So know that here you’re safe and can share anything you’d like. I found it healing myself to write about my loved ones in this blog. I know you will too.
    I want to take this special moment to deeply thank every one of you who has reached out to share with me how much this book has helped you. What it has meant to you, to your children, and even to your Moms and Dads during your time of heartache.
    I think it takes an extraordinary person during that time, to take the moment and energy to share with someone what it’s meant to you. And I want to thank you with all of my heart for that.
    It has been some of the greatest moments my heart has felt in life. To know I have helped in any way, I just can’t explain it. See… loss for how to write it. It happens.
    Thank you, with all of my heart.
    As for us, we’ve been getting through everything probably a lot like you are, the good, the bad, the pure out of control everything feels, and sometimes even being able to embrace it for its goodness. It’s goodness being the powerful reminder of what’s truly important in life.
    I got these pictures done a couple years ago for the girls.. so they could meet a unicorn. Grace (the youngest) was a little scared… Alivia was impressed how well the pretend horn matched the horse 😂 it’s never the dreamy moment we think it’s going to be, is it Moms?!
    Anyway, they pop up now and again on my phone and they remind me how good a little dash of magic and hope feel. We could all use it. So sending it your way today! I’ll be in touch and you be too 💗

Find something to marvel at today, with a child’s wonder, even if your inner child is a realist like my eldest. Take the mic today even if it horrifies you and no one understands why. Stare into a camera and pretend it’s only you talking, don’t think of all the viewers, be yourself. And write, even when you think you can’t.
You can. With a little dash of magic and hope.
With Love,